My Christmas Gift to Cory this year!

Kinda fitting with all this majora’s mask themed doomsday christmas things. LOL;

This was quite the project… I tried learning how to take apart a pocket watch, but failed at taking out the crown properly.  So I tried to find someone to switch out the faces of the silver watch, and a wooden one, since they have the tools and know how to work pocket watches.  No one would do it for me, so I broke that wooden watch to pieces and took the parts I needed to make this! It took extra bits of clay to fill in cracked pieces (painted them after glueing them in), had to sand down parts of the wood so it fit together nicely— did that with the file on a pair of toe-nail clippers and.. YEAH, this was quite the project indeed, but considering what I had to work with, I’m so so happy with how it turned out!

It’s one of a kind!  I’m  so proud of it too!  No one else but my honey will have anything like it ever. uwu